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Real Estate

Real Estate Legal Matters

Whether you're a renter, landlord, or a homeowner, Lozano Law Offices, P.C. is always here to ensure your real estate matters are in order. From rental agreements to the final signatures, our dedicated attorneys are always on hand to make sure your real property matters are resolved.

We are ready to help whether it's assisting with a closing on real estate, contesting title to real property, action to quiet title on existing properties, the drafting and recording of a real property transaction, or other matters.

We can assist you in a range of real estate matters:

  • Property Deeds
  • Sale Contracts 
  • Evictions
  • Landlord or Tenant Disputes
  • Notices
  • Contracts
  • Rental Agreements
  • Negotiating, Drafting, and Closing Real Estate Sales for Improved and/or Unimproved Real Property
  • Negotiating and Reviewing Residential and Commercial Leases
  • Preparing Documents for Closing
  • Partition Suits and Other Real Estate Litigation Matters 

Lozano Law Offices, P.C. represents buyers, sellers, developers, ranchers, contractors, and business owners in real estate matters. Call us today: 281-756-8300